Trade Finance & Blockchain

Digitalization brings many opportunities to trade finance: the removal of manual or paper processes and the introduction of e-documents allows for end-to-end digital transactions resulting in reduced cost and more inclusive finance especially for SMEs. Banks around the world are now viewing digitizing trade finance as their top priority. Technologies like Blockchain has the ability to make not just streamline the trade finance process and to make trade transactions more secure and transparent. In return accelerating the speed and adoption of digitalization.

Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) and R3 is pleased to organize a webinar on the 3rd December 2020, 1530-1630 hours, which brings together industry speakers to share their insights on upcoming trends in this space, the opportunities, and the challenges in the use of blockchain in trade finance digitalization.

Event Details

Date: 3rd December 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 15:30 – 16:30